The Man in the Window is assembled and off to the first two publishers on our list with whom we feel the manuscript is a fit. It’s an odd work and too long, both with and without authors’ notes so it surely is definitely a Sisyphean task to find it a home. I have reminders in my calendar of when to expect some notice, but until then…

It’s off to the next work! But which one?

I started writing an expanded version of one of the sci-fi shorts from the anthology; it becomes chapter one, with restored and new content. I’ve written the second chapter, which was conceived as a stand-alone short, and set it aside because…

It’s off to a second work. This one is a fantasy short with a limit of 10K that fits within the Thieves’ World universe. I came up with two characters, one of whom is the protagonist in this story; the other makes a guest appearance. Kevin came up with the idea of writing in this world and these are my contributions. After I finish this, it’s back to the sci-fi story for two more chapters–where I introduce Gus, a character whose name brings a smile to my face every time because of what’s to come–then, unless I am seized by the Muse to stay put, it’s back to Thieves’ World for the second short story with the other character. And finally back to the sci-fi to finish it up.

It’s not a regimen that any professional author would recommend, but such is their concurrent pull, and my enthusiasm…I must obey; there can never be a LaGrange Point. The live and breathe and grow at the same time, so, like petulant children, equal time I give them.

And every time I open them up to work on them, I’m sure my pulse races for a bit. 

Excuse me now. I have some writing to do.