The past few meetings, the group has worked on author’s notes for the anthology. I noticed some of my notes mentioned that I have no idea what happens after the end of the story. That’s not entirely true now–some have a note or two about how to extend them, but when they were first written, they were left hanging open. They were not meant to have a cliffhanger., that’s just where the word limit ran out.

When  I was writing them, and knowing I was heading for this particular end to the tale, it didn’t bother me. Now that they are done, I occasionally wonder what I would do to extend them to a proper end. I may some day make use of those notes, but until then, they will sit in their little folders.

After all, I have other, larger items to scribe. It will be refreshing to write and not worry about word limits. As for what project that will be, I am undecided. It might be an expansion of a sci-fan novella draft I wrote a few years ago, or it might be a new sci-fan story I thought of last year. That one has some plot elements I think will be fun to do.

I would have to say if you don’t have a larger story to tell, there’s nothing wrong telling it a chapter at a time. I see how the short stories can work that way–one chapter is done, maybe I’ll think of another. If there are enough chapters, it’s a book.

So what of the stories I left hanging? I’ll probably let them percolate until there is enough material to dust them off and write them–shoehorn them in between larger pieces. Until then, they will continue to tantalize me.