Untitled Sci-fi Novel (in development)
Based on my short story, The Mind’s Eye, from The Man in the Window anthology.

The Man in the Window
(Short Story Literary Anthology — shopping around)

Contributions: The SisterThe Lucky Coin; The Mechanic; The Prankster; Sci-Fi Movie Afternoon; A New Life; The End Of The World; Mikey; The Initiation; The Mind’s Eye; The Butler’s Pantry; The Neighborhood; Chuck; Coda Redux; Days; Six Minutes; Solace

The Inquisitor (Novella — editing)
An interrogator’s talents are needed at a secret underground facility. His breakthrough begins a nightmare that no one expects.

A Piece of Home (short story)
An original short story that takes place in the Thieve’s World fantasy universe with original main characters and a few classic characters in supporting roles. The story follows the original rules devised by Robert Asprin, et al.

The Classics (miscellanea)
These are some of my older pieces written a long time ago. Most are on paper, so you could say it is part of a digitizing project to satisfy the impending ravenous fans who want to know how the legend began. Maybe it will inspire them to write, too.

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