The Man In The Window


The Man in the Window is a themed short story anthology a few of us threw together over the span of about eight years. Kevin Pajak issued to task of honing our nascent skills by limiting each story to no more than three thousand words. Most of us were agog that the limit was so high. That opinion changed almost instantly.

In all, ten people contributed to the project. When the bulk were written, Kevin organized them into categories: Measure of a Man, Layers, Power, What is Human, Charlie, Locus, Time, and Relationships, with an Overture and Summation as bookends. During the writing process, I thought it would be fun to make Authors’ Notes so I could explain some of the inside elements I used. Not everyone did notes, but we devised a template so they could be somewhat consistent. I’ve included my notes for one of my stories here.

The manuscript is floating out there, looking for a home. We understand an already-assembled short story anthology is a Quasimodo, but someone might take it in, show it a little kindness, then pour steaming soup in its lap. A few years later, we decided to go the self-publish-on-Amazon route, and here it is.

In all, there are fifty-five stories for 164, 900 words, or 138, 500 without authors’ notes.

We hope you enjoy it.

Available on Amazon

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