I see I haven’t written since August. That’s not to say I haven’t been busy–mostly at work, but also on the anthology. The group and I are happy to say we are nearing the end. Two contributors are cleaning up their last pieces while Kevin and I are composing author’s notes for our contributions. I should finish with my notes today.

We expect to begin in February or March the hunt for a print publisher.

I have to say the author’s notes are something we both find very fun to do. My original idea was to document the inspiration for the story, the process of bringing the idea to its final form, and explain some of the little inside moments that exist since they are, in some cases, as much a part of the inspiration as the original seed. Kevin, being a rhetorician, is doing something more than that. Some of his works are exploring themes and ideas of language. In his notes, he explains those ideas. Also, I was originally going to do the notes and publish them on the web, but we decided to include them in the book, and will copyright each story with its author’s notes as a complete unit.

I encourage you to compose author’s notes for your own works, even if you never intend to publish them. They make a nice, little coda for yourself, and if you choose to share them, your readers will enjoy them as well. If anything, it can help show some aspiring author just how simple it is to find that spark.