We feel we are in the home stretch, my writing group friends and I, of compiling an anthology of our original short stories. The theme: The Man In The Window. While the final two stories are hammered into shape, our group editor is beginning the process of finding an agent to find a publisher. We know it will not be an easy task to bring this to print, but he wants to try. His ambition has always been to have it in print on a bookstore shelf. We’ll see what happens. This project has been underway for seven years. It’s a good feeling to have it behind us.

What’s next? I have a folder full of subfolders of notes for different stories, long and short. The next project, however, will be to do a rewrite of a sci-fan novella I penned a few years ago. I’ve started on the first chapter before I stopped to do some peer-editing. I am keen to do it as my writing style has settled down, and I didn’t do that great a job originally painting the scenery, or so I recall. I think the rewrite will push it up into the novel length. That would be nice, though it is not the goal. If it remains a novella, so be it.

To be honest, though, I really want to put that novella on hold and do another novella that won’t stay out of my head. I like the elements I have in it; it will be fun to write. By the time I am ready to do it, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t come pouring out of my fingers. It’s exciting to think about.

That’s what makes all of this fun.